Addressing the unmet needs of content creators in the digital world

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Addressing the unmet needs of content creators in the digital world

About ICX Media

ICX Media is an entirely new kind of media company founded by a senior team of digital media veterans. We empower content creators by providing them with deep insight and understanding for how to more effectively manage, market and monetize digital video content across multiple platforms through a single interface. ICX Media also provides media companies, brands and studios with the ability to discover and license new video content fit for their audiences through our growing creator community.

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The Crew

Board Members


Michael Avon

Founder & CEO

Tom MacIsaac

Founder Board Member

Phil Herget

Founder Board Member

Darcy Antonellis


Rob Lyall


Bobby Campbell


Ted Prince


Jim Mollica


Ori Stitleman


Mike Rowehl


Our commitment to you

Dedicated and knowledgeable peers

Work with cutting-edge technology

No forbidden technologies

Define your own work rhythm

Your commitment to us

Getting the job done

Open to a diverse set of ideas

Willing to do anything to be successful

Play well with others, both physical and virtual

Situational Awareness and Common Sense


Functional programming: Clojure - Scala - Ruby - Python

NoSQL databases such as Cassandra and Datomic

Varity of UI technologies such as AngularJS and React

Help Wanted

Full-Stack Developer

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Contact Us

ICX Media, Inc.

1627 K St, NW, STE 600
Washington, DC 20006


New York Office Opens


I am very excited to be back in NYC! This is my second stint in NYC after running business development for video adtech company, SpotX, in London. I have been in the digital video space for 5 years and understand how difficult it is for creators, agencies, and brands to get their video content seen and get it seen by the right audience. My goal in NYC is to work...

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DJ Johnson

Director, Business Development

Join our Beta Program

Our mission is to empower content creators through powerful tools and data intelligence. By joining our beta program, you will have hand in helping us do that. Your feedback will be a critical part of our future.