"Building success for content creators through imaginative use of data and technology"

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"Building success for content creators through imaginative use of data and technology"

About ICX Media

ICX Media is an entirely new kind of media company founded by a group of digital media veterans. We have developed a revolutionary software and data platform that helps independent video content creators find their audience and make money from their videos. The ICX Media platform allows content creators to more effectively produce, distribute and market their digital videos across many web, mobile and connected TV channels and apps, such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and many others.

The ICX Media platform is perfect for amateur and professional digital video producers. Whether you are creating a documentary, an educational film, a travel piece or a comedy video, the ICX Media platform helps all types of creators find success for their content.

Our platform also helps media companies and brands find, license and distribute digital content through mobile, desktop and connected TV channels and apps.

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The Crew

Board Members


Michael Avon

Founder & CEO

Tom MacIsaac

Founder Board Member

Phil Herget

Founder Board Member

Darcy Antonellis


Rob Lyall


Bobby Campbell


Ted Prince


Jim Mollica


Mike Rowehl


Our commitment to you

Dedicated and knowledgeable peers

Work with cutting-edge technology

No forbidden technologies

Define your own work rhythm

Your commitment to us

Getting the job done

Open to a diverse set of ideas

Willing to do anything to be successful

Play well with others, both physical and virtual

Situational Awareness and Common Sense


Functional programming: Clojure - Scala - Ruby - Python

NoSQL databases such as Cassandra and Datomic

Varity of UI technologies such as AngularJS and React

Help Wanted

Full-Stack Developer

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Contact Us

ICX Media, Inc.

1627 K St, NW, STE 600
Washington, DC 20006


5 Takeaways for creators from Vidcon 2016


Last week, ICX Media made it's way to sunny Southern California to take part in VidCon, the world's biggest celebration of online video and digital culture. With more than 20,000 fans, creators, industry representatives and brands from around the globe, it was quite the scene and and an excellent opportunity to learn from the community. Here are my five takeaways for creators from sessions and conversations with influencers leading the...

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DJ Johnson

Director, Business Development

Join our Beta Program

Our Beta Program is focused on pulling content creators close and providing a quick feedback loop to build the most impactful and empowering platform imaginable. If you are interested in joining us on this journey, please provide your email below.

ICX Media