Transforming the video economy

ICX Media is a digital video management and data science platform for media companies, brands, agencies, producers, and creators.

Our platform has all of the tools you need in one place for you to get out ahead in this complex video economy.

See how ICX Media works for…

Customize and manage your metadata on all of your videos

Edit and optimize your tags, titles, descriptions, thumbnails on your YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo videos on one platform.

Promote your content to reach your audience everywhere

Create custom posts catered to the social platform to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Grow your following with your own personalized analytics

Get to know your most engaged fans, identify how you are doing compared to other creators in your space, and see how your content is performing.

Connect with companies to monetize your content

Gain recognition and paid opportunities for your content by brands, agencies, and media companies (no matter your subscriber count).

Upload to multiple places at the same time

Distribute your video content to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo without leaving the page.

Discover the right digital talent producing the right content

Access hundreds of thousands of creators who produce high-quality content at scale.

Reach individuals you aren’t able to target with traditional marketing

Billions of hours of video are consumed every day and you’ll be able to quickly target content resonating with wider audiences than the one in your database.

Optimize the metadata on all of your videos across all platforms

Connect to your account to multiple channels and social media accounts to edit and customize tags, title, description, thumbnails, and more on all of your videos.

Report on insights into how your video content is performing

Measure cross-platform performance and directly show the impact of your videos to prove the ROI. You’ll be able to see every data point on your videos and act immediately on recommendations on what to do next for your campaigns.

Scale video content production

Create and produce video content in a matter of days instead of months. You’ll be able to manage all of the production components in one place rather than outsourcing to another entity.

Identify the right digital talent with the right audiences

Find a diverse — in demographics, geography, style, and audience size — set of creators to build high-quality, mass-volume, and cost-efficient videos.

Produce and scale user-generated content

On one platform and in just a few clicks, you’ll have access to millions of pieces of content published by creators and data on the performance of those videos.

Analyze the performance of investments with deep insights

You have the ability to measure audience receptivity, engagement, and monetization potential. From there you’ll be able to directly show the impact of your videos to prove out the ROI.

Report on insights into how your videos are performing

You’ll be able to see every data point on your videos and act immediately on recommendations on what to do next for your productions.

Predict what the right content is to produce or invest in next

Through a combination of machine learning and billions of data points, you can quickly see what type of content is resonating with your audience in order to make quick decisions on what to produce next.