Using big data to create big video performance

ICX Media introduces powerful, new AI-driven technology for people who make, distribute and sponsor video content.

See how ICX Media works for…

Manage Marketing Messaging in a Single View

Craft and edit video metadata tags, titles, descriptions, thumbnails on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo on one platform.

Promote and Optimize Social Sharing

Tailor posts to amplify social media impact with fans and new audiences using our platform’s proprietary data-driven recommendations. Share videos instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Grow Audiences with Customized Analytics

Get to know engaged fans, assess video performance, and compare metrics to those of other creators and producers.

Maximize Earnings

Our platform algorithms help creators and producers grow reach to increase advertising revenue. ICX Media also enables partnership opportunities with brands, agencies, and media companies.

Distribute Videos to Multiple Channels

Distribute video content to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo efficiently within one page view.

Discover and Hire Quality Creator Talent

Access nearly a million creators who develop high-quality content at scale. Rapidly match talent to campaign and brand criteria.

Reach New Prospective Audiences

Target untapped high-potential prospective audiences with engaging video content, based on our proprietary data-driven platform recommendations.

Optimize Video Marketing on All Platforms

Easily connect with multiple social media and distribution channels to edit and customize tags, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and other video data.

Gain Actionable Performance Insights

Identify video features resonating the most with target audiences to inform campaign decisions in real time. View campaign performance metrics and compare to in-house and other brands.

Scale Video Content Production

Create and produce video content efficiently with our platform’s streamlined processes and analytics-based advice. Complete projects rapidly and manage multiple campaigns in one platform.

Source Top-Tier Video Creators

Access nearly one million creators, customizing creative collaborator criteria based on demographics, geography, style and audience size to develop the optimal project team.

Access High-Quality Video Content

Access millions of videos through tailored search results to meet pre-specified criteria and performance levels.

Analyze Rich Video Insights

Measure audience response, engagement, and profit potential. Use ICX Media’s robust decision tools throughout production and distribution to maximize the video’s return on investment.

Compare Video Performance

Compare in-house video project performance AND benchmark to other in-category media projects.

Access Predictive Analytics

Through a combination of machine learning and billions of data points, pinpoint the videos and attributes that resonate most with audiences to shape future projects.