Early stages

By Joey McCord

CPO/COO | 09.10.2015

12.12.2015 Jobs >

It's a challenge to describe what a company is in the early stages.

You start out building the team, product, technology and market approach.

These are all things we have in motion. While conventional wisdom suggestskeeping the details under wraps for now, what we want you to know is that we'repushing bleeding edge technologies, challenging traditional employment normsand confronting sacred industries. We all believe that this is truly ouropportunity (and yours) to take those if I were running things notions anddare ourselves to create something great. The founding team comes from widelydifferent paths, that for a brief point in time overlapped and inspired us tostart something new.

We hope that if you are like-minded, you'll join or at least toss us some moral support.

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