Media Conundrum

By DJ Johnson

Director, Business Development | 05.16.2016

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I recently joined ICX Media, where I am leading our business development efforts, and I am very excited to be here. I made the move from SpotX, a leading video advertising technology and data business, where my focus was on helping video owners, both large and small, generate advertising revenue from their videos. Seeing how these different video owners, whether independent creators or large media organizations, had to deal with the same issues of discovery and monetization made me think, is there a solution? After living in some of the largest media markets in the world including New York and London, and speaking to hundreds of creators, I saw some consistent trends and pain points in the market:

It is hard to get your content seen. There is a sea of content and getting yours noticed is becoming increasingly difficult. Not only is there a ton of content being produced and placed on the internet, but there are so many different avenues for distribution: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, independent sites, etc.

It is hard to maximize every stream. I saw this with large media shops who had full studios and high production quality. They could not earn revenue on every stream due to a number of factors, including geography of the audience, and which device the audience was viewing on.

Short form content is valuable. Short form video has become increasingly valuable as the millennial generation (like myself) have short attention spans, thanks internet. This, combined with the proliferation of mobile devices, has both changed consumer behavior in terms of the need and desire to watch on the go, and how much time consumers have to spend viewing content. The location and when video is consumed has changed as well, you are not just sitting in your living room watching a stationary TV with episodic series anymore.

Original content is what viewers want to see. We have seen this with the likes of Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Yahoo!, Vice, Univision, and others investing heavily in original, digital-only content. We also see lower cost original content proliferating on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other channels. And TV advertising budgets are following the viewers. The IAB states a 114% increase in ad spend on original digital video programming since 2014.

I believe there is an opportunity to address these trends head on, and do it on a single, unified technology platform, and that's what ICX Media is trying to do.

To learn more about ICX Media, visit our site at or email me at

If you are an independent video creator and interested in signing up for our beta program, please click here to sign up:

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