CollabCamp Recap

By DJ Johnson

Director, Business Development | 10.06.2016

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Last weekend, ICX Media had the great privilege of sponsoring CollabCamp on the far west coast in sunny LA. Founded by Jonathan Katz and Victoria Fener, CollabCamp is held by The event is an intimate gathering for full-time digital video creators to collaborate, discuss trends in the industry, and give support and guidance to one another. The creators in attendance ranged from established YouTubers including Steve Gossett, of Princess Rap Battles, to creators moving from traditional media to digital such as Olivia Barash, the actress turned creator and Founder of BarkvilleTV, and emerging talents like Akeem Lawanson, a comedian and impressionist.

Here are the main takeaways after spending the weekend with some top creators at CollabCamp:

  • You need to find your niche and be passionate about the content you create

  • You don’t need 1M subscribers to be a full-time creator

  • You can’t be one dimensional. Every single creator should be using multi-platform distribution and marketing to grow their audience

  • Think like a business – use analytics to guide your content and distribution strategies

We received some enormously positive feedback from the community. See for yourself. The CollabCamp creators really enjoyed ICX Media’s single interface to manage and promote their content across multiple channels and platforms. Every creator in attendance was using several platforms to push out content in order to grow their audience. Not only will they save time using the ICX platform to distribute content across various platforms, but our online marketplace will also help them find new opportunities. Opportunities ranging from collaborations with other creators to lucrative partnerships with brands and media companies. Being able to manage, market, and monetize video content through ICX’s centralized platform is hugely beneficial over many of the other singularly focused products currently on the market.

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ICX was able to invite a couple of our early beta testers to join us. We brought two up and coming creators/future stars – Jacob List, a senior at University of Louisville, and Mike Smith, a YouTube creator from just outside Omaha, Nebraska. Jake (@jakemlist) has grown his social presence across Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and is now starting to build his YouTube following. He plans on creating content full-time after graduating. Mike Smith (Modern Man TV) is a proud father and husband who has built a loyal following on Youtube and wants to grow his audience and brand not only on Youtube, but across other channels as well. In true entrepreneurial spirit, both Jake and Mike are eager for opportunities to collaborate and work with brands, media companies, and other creators. CollabCamp was a valuable opportunity for both of them to connect and collaborate with some of the top creators in the digital world.

Here is what Jake and Mike had to say about their experiences:

"I am truly grateful to ICX Media for all they have done to connect me with other creators. This was an incredible opportunity and I’m eager to continue using the ICX Media platform to better understand my audience, grow my channel, and find more creators and brands to collaborate with!"

"It was such an amazing experience going to LA with ICX Media. ICX Media truly cares about my growth as a creator and has equipped me with the tools I need to manage my business. Brand deals and product reviews are a huge part of my channel and the ICX Media platform is exactly what I need to find, establish, and develop those partnerships. I’m glad I got on the ICX platform early as a beta tester and can’t believe I had this amazing opportunity to go to CollabCamp."

Mike, being the creator he is, shot a great vlog of the weekend. Check out Mike’s journey from Nebraska to LA.

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