Unwind the Rewind

By Sabel Harris

Head of Marketing | 12.20.2016

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This past year has certainly been eventful in a number of different ways. One major business trend in 2016 has been the continued rise of independent digital video creators on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other platforms, a phenomenon we at ICX Media have called the “Age of the Creator.” And now, as 2016 comes to a close, YouTube has released their Rewind video showcasing many of the prime moments from YouTube creators during this past year.

YouTube started its Rewind videos in 2010 and this year brought on another hit. With over 170 creators featured and highlights from top videos over the year, YouTube’s 2016 Rewind is one to remember.

Each year, over 31 million videos are uploaded on YouTube with over 1 billion active users watching; but, how does Youtube then decide which moments to feature on their Rewind video? They describe the video as “Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016,” yet what actually drove the making of 2016’s Rewind? How does a creator get chosen? Are there any qualifications?

After looking at all of the featured creators and their channels, we were able to unwind some interesting insights in an infographic showing what it takes to be included in YouTube’s Rewind video. With each of the creators in the Rewind video, we looked at their subscriber numbers, where they are located, and their top video based on views from 2016. In the top videos we assessed the total views, comments, likes, and the date the content was published. Here are some of the important pieces of data we found…

The Millionaire’s Club

While looking at the 170+ video creators featured, we found that majority hit the million mark in either subscribers or views in 2016. Across all of the creators in the Rewind video, we found that on average each has 4.6 million subscribers, over 14 million views on their top videos from 2016, more than 255,000 likes, and over 22,000 comments on those videos.

There were a few exceptions to this, but it seems that one of hurdles to cross in order to be included is to hit one of the metrics with at least a million in count.

Engagement is High

While the averages are high, the overall engagement on these videos is even higher. We totaled all of the metrics above to find that there were over 2.5 billion views on the top videos posted from each of these creators in 2016. However, it didn’t stop there after viewers watched the video — the top videos racked up over 3 million comments and 38 million likes.

United States of Creators

Although YouTube has a presence in 88 different countries, there was one country that most of the Rewind creators were either from or reside in — the United States. In the video there were handfuls of creators located outside of the US, but 59% of the creators that were featured call the United States home. After the US, 23% reside in the UK.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Analyzing the top videos from each YouTuber, we found that many of these videos were posted in the first half of the year. January held the first position with 25 of the videos, May came in second with 24, and March with 23 was third.

We can’t guarantee that if you post in January you’ll get the most engagement and break the million view mark, but if you post your video earlier in the year, you likely will be able to capture more views as the year progresses.

See you in the 2017 Rewind Video?

We don’t know the exact qualifications YouTube will use for picking creators to feature in the 2017 Rewind, but our analysis of what it took to be included in the 2016 video, we hope, will give you a better sense of some the milestones you may need to hit if you want to be chosen next year. And here’s to a very successful 2017 for all of the creators using the ICX Media platform!

Want to check out the entire infographic? Look below or click here.

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