ICX Media and Talaria Media

By Michael Avon

CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder | 01.11.2017

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We are in the early days of what we call the “Age of the Creator.” If content is king in today’s media landscape, the creator of that content is the most important person in the modern media ecosystem.

While a small number of digital video stars make a lot of money from their videos, for far too many talented creators, it is very hard to break through the noise, build an audience, and make money from their content. Our goal at ICX Media is helping to change all of that by making more video creators more successful in today’s digital media market.

ICX Media and Talaria Media

Today we’re taking our first steps to in making video creators more successful. We’re excited to announce a partnership and opportunity for creators with Talaria Media and their platform Pivotal Plays.

Talaria Media is an innovative digital media company that is looking to produce large volumes of high quality video for its websites, apps, and other distribution channels. Talaria was looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to source compelling video content from many creators across the country and, ultimately, around the world, and we worked to help them find and connect with creators to produce their content.

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Pivotal Plays is a media platform from Talaria Media designed for TV, digital, mobile, radio, and live events to share the most pivotal moments in people’s lives across the globe. Pivotal Plays brings audiences the critical and compelling stories that have made the difference for successful persons both great and small.

We are particularly excited about this first project where talented content creators on the ICX Media Platform will highlight the stories of successful entrepreneurs and angel investors in Washington DC, New York, and Los Angeles. We think this phenomenal mix of creative and entrepreneurial talent will result in truly compelling video content.

The ICX Media Platform will also help Talaria Media distribute the Pivotal Plays content across multiple distribution channels and will help Talaria find an audience for their videos and make more money from their videos.

We’re looking for creators

But now, we’re looking for creators, like you, to help with the Pivotal Plays project. A creator has to be registered on the ICX Media Platform to be eligible. For a limited time, creators can access the full, premium version of the ICX Media Platform free of charge. In the future, we will have both a free basic version and a paid premium version of the platform. We select creators based on criteria given to us by our customer, Talaria, and based on our analysis of individual creators’ work to match the right creators to Talaria for the project.

The selected creators will shoot and produce 3-5 short video interviews with successful entrepreneurs and Angel investors in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. The creators will be paid by Talaria, and their video will be released by Talaria as part of the Pivotal Plays project. The creators that are selected for the project and the content they create will be heavily promoted by Talaria Media, further enhancing each creator’s credibility in the market.

What’s coming up 2017?

We think that the concept of Pivotal Plays is phenomenal and are excited to be a part of the project. We love the idea of a media company focusing on positive messages and uplifting stories as Talaria is with the Pivotal Plays platform.

Our partnership with Talaria Media for Pivotal Plays is just the first project of this kind that we are announcing at ICX Media. We have many other projects with media companies, brands, agencies, and other companies lined up, and we will be rolling out many additional paid opportunities for creators throughout 2017 and beyond.

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