Introducing Our Ambassador Program

By Sabel Harris

Head of Marketing | 01.26.2017

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There are over 1.2 billion of video creators across YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other online video platforms. With the surge of digital creators, the ICX Media platform was started to help empower individual creators like you to use data to become more effective, promote your content throughout all of your social channels, and grow your audience.

As we are continuosly building out our platform, we always go back to our creators and we have realized that they are our biggest advocates. We can keep pushing our message, but a creator to creator referral is one that speaks volumes past what we preach. So, today we’re excited to launch our Ambassador Program.

Why should you become an ICX Media Ambassador?

Make Money Through the People You Know

The average person has 150 followers on Twitter, 500 LinkedIn connections, 208 Instagram followers, and less than 500 subscribers on Youtube. As a creator, you are already probably above the average and have an audience of peers that could use a platform like ICX Media. For every creator you get to sign-up, we will give you money for each of those referrals.

Connect with Other Creators

We want to help you partner with other creators to help exchange knowledge on how you each can be more successful. We’ve found that creator to creator relationships enhance the overall digital ecosystem.

Help Others Build Their Digital Content

ICX Media is the platform to help you spend more time continuing what you are best at — creating amazing content. We know that you put a lot of work into your videos and we want to help make it easier to publish your videos, grow your audience, and make money. By promoting ICX Media, as an ambassador, you are helping others use cutting-edge technology to improve the overall creator space.

Benefits As An Ambassador

When you become an ICX Media Ambassador we want to set you up for success. As an ambassador you’ll be able to use a business tech platform to advance and grow your own digital video content, potential to be featured in ICX Media social posts, a dedicated partner code, opportunities to contribute to the ICX Media Blog, collaboration with other ambassadors, and much more.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, meet some of our ambassadors today and what they have to say about our Ambassador Program…

Meet Andy Lalwani

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Andy is a college content creator focused on LGBTQ+ initiatives, and social justice work. Most of his videos are around his own personal life journey and everyday pop culture.

How has becoming an ambassador helped him?

“Being an ambassador to ICX Media has truly opened my eyes to how creators and brands can work together. With ICX and their ability to monetize content, I’ve collaborated with other creators along the way. I never thought that I would be able to connect with companies and up and coming creators over a platform like this.”

Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie is the creator behind the YouTube channel ElloSteph. She creates videos on LGBTQ+ topics, entertainment, and vlogging.

Why is she excited to be an ambassador?

“I’m excited about being an ICX Media ambassador because I feel like social media is the best way to influence social change. Any voice can make a difference for the common good, and having the resources to help you is the best support system a creator can have.”

Meet Mike

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Mike, Modern Man TV, is a creator focused on Men’s fashion, style, beauty and grooming. His videos are on product reviews, hairstyling, and vlogging.

How has becoming an ambassador helped him?

“Seeing what other creators are doing to reach followers and subscribers has helped me in my goal to reach bigger and bigger audiences. Seeing the tools they use and the methods behind their success is something I hope to try and apply to my own work in social media.”

Meet Jake

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Jake is college content creator who has developed Vines and is currently creating more content on YouTube. He focuses on entertainment, comedy and vlogging.

Why did he became an ICX Media Ambassador?

“I am excited to work with and be an ambassador for ICX Media because they have given me opportunities no other company has. The team is down-to-earth and truly put the creators first. They’ve given me connections to several fellow creators and have helped me better understand my audience as well as helping me to grow my channel as a whole.”

How you can get started

We have two tiers of ambassadors. The first is for our VIPs of the digital creator world and this is open to creators with more than 200K followers. Our second tier is for the Uber-Connected All Stars. These are engaged, active individuals in their communities, and over 18 years old.

From creators with over 1 million subscribers to ones that are just starting out, we are committed to bringing on a diverse set of individuals. We want to build long-term value and we hope you can spread the word about the platform that we built for creators like you.

Are you interested in becoming an ICX Media Ambassador? Sign-up here today!

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