Top Videos in January from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook

By Sabel Harris

Head of Marketing | 02.03.2017

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With a new start to the year, many creators were off to the races developing new pieces of content. Producing great pieces at the beginning of the year will help you grow your views and reach for the rest of the year. In fact, we saw just that with our analysis of YouTube’s Rewind video.

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Most of the top videos of 2016 from the creators featured in the Rewind video were posted in the first half of the year. This shows that the earlier you create content, the longer the promotion time you have for the content to accumulate more interactions.

In January, we saw many pieces of content on politics, social issues, music, and entertainment relating to Hollywood’s award season. The videos that we picked are by no means the only top videos that appeared on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Our selection process was focused on views, engagement, cross-platform distribution, and the overall reach of the content.

Here are ICX Media’s picks for the top videos for January 2017:


1. “INAUGURATION DAY” — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration by Bad Lip Reading


441,622 “I like this”

8,179 “I dislike this”


The real challenge is watching this video with a straight face. In this Bad Lip reading video, they completely excelled in reading what “actually” was said during the Inauguration.

Bad Lip Reading promoted this out on all of their channels. On Twitter they received thousands of retweets and likes on the tweets they posted sharing this video. And even though they should have uploaded the video directly to Facebook to get a higher reach on their audience’s News Feed, they still promoted the YouTube link on their page and got over 26K reactions, 40K shares, and 4K comments across two Facebook posts.

2. $27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake by Buzzfeed Video/Tasty


247,860 “I like this”

14,351 “I dislike this”


It’s hard to grasp that one of the cakes that they had in this video was $1,120, but it wasn’t a favorite. Sorry, if that was a spoiler for anyone who didn’t watch it with the other 11 million individuals.

Besides the pangs of hunger that may have clouded my judgement while watching this video, it’s clear that Buzzfeed continues to be the leader in promoting all of their video content. Not only is this just a video, they produced a written piece from the video content and have shared it across all of their social networks.

3. Muslim Ban at JFK Airport by Casey Neistat


200,998 “I like this”

36,717 “I dislike this”


Casey Neistat created this video to showcase the protests that happened at JFK against President Donald Trump’s executive order on banning immigration from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

Regardless of your political views, Casey Neistat accrued an exponential amount of views on this video in just a few days by leveraging other platforms and his audience’s promotion of it. For example on Twitter, you can see that Casey actively engages and retweets tweets of people sharing out this video.


1. For Approval by Mainframe (North)

1.1M Plays


164 Collections


For Approval was an “experimental film put together simply as an opportunity to have a play in-between projects.” Mainframe used common objects and subverted their state and/or properties. We found this video through the Vimeo curated Staff Picks and it was one of the top videos based on views and other interactions.

For Approval. Self initiated piece by Mainframe North #mainframe #mainframenorth #cgi #motion #motiongraphics #3d #design #abstract #digitalart #render #designinspiration #autodesk_ma #graphics #maya

A video posted by Mainframe ( on

Although this video gained most of its views on Vimeo, Mainframe distributed their content on Instagram for added promotion. The For Approval post on Instagram received 55.9K views, 11,111 likes, and 550 comments.

2. SHY LUV - SHOCK HORROR feat Jones by bif

349K Plays


95 Collections


This is a music video for Shy Luv’s song Shock Horror and it was one of the top music videos on Vimeo for January.

This video was cross-promoted on YouTube (243,024 views), Twitter (3 replies, 17 Retweets, and 37 Likes), and multiple Instagram posts. Shy Luv fully used other platforms to their advantage to increase the overall reach of their music.


1. Fish Freezes Eating Another Fish by JukinVideo


304K Reactions



This video slightly freaks me out and makes me feel bad for both of the fish (one was getting eaten, the other couldn’t finish his meal).

I originally found this video on another Facebook page and clicked through to the link they cited directing back to JukinVideo. This has actually been a problem from time to time for individual creators because many of the top video pages are aggregators of video, which take content from other individuals. However, this could work to your advantage, like in this scenario for JukinVideo. They had a high reach and engagement on their own page, but they were able to extend it to a new audience by allowing their content to be used on another page.

2. Why We Need to End Gender Stereotypes on Parenting by Nev Schulman via ATTN:


228K Reactions



Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo are parents to their baby daughter Cleo and in this video they cover the gender stereotypes of parenting. They dispel some of the parenting role beliefs that go with taking care of kids.

ATTN: has this on their website as a featured video and embeds it as a Facebook video to increase the overall engagement. Not only does this help the views, it also adds to the social proof of the video, which can encourage more people to watch.

3. Quick Hands, High Stakes (The Dangerous Art of Mochi) by Great Big Story


21K Reactions



I love mochi, but I never knew how it was originally made. But I think the fear of getting hit by that mallet in the video will prevent me from ever trying to make it.

Similar to the JukinVideo video, I saw this video from another travel site I follow. Many pages are cross-posting videos to curate great content and to increase visibility of the original video.

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You can see that this video was also shared on another post increasing its overall views.

Keep Promoting

Despite some disagreement to the views in some of these videos, there are important lessons for all creators to take back to your own strategies.

We can see in all of these top videos that after they were posted, the promotion and distribution wasn’t limited to just the site the content was posted on. These top videos highlighted the importance of cross-platform promotion and using other external resources to increase the distribution.

Granted some of these videos had backings of larger media companies or they had millions of subscribers, but this shouldn’t limit you from using these tactics for your own content.

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