3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Video Content

By Sabel Harris

Head of Marketing | 02.10.2017

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Creating a piece of content doesn’t happen overnight… and it probably doesn’t happen over multiple nights. Instead a piece of content can take a long time to produce, especially if you look at the entire process. From ideating to editing your work, it’s time-consuming and can zap most of your energy supply. Yet, we all know that once you’ve uploaded your work is far from over. You then have to promote that piece of content and get it into your audience’s hands.

On top of all of that, your audience is constantly craving more content. They consume your videos at lightening speed and are waiting for you to deliver the next piece. This can be a never-ending cycle and cause you to burn out quickly.

Rather than participating in this torturous cycle, you could look at the past pieces that you’ve created. Assess the content that you’ve created in the last year and pay close attention to the ones that did well. With these pieces of content, they have even more utility and purpose to create more pieces that do not require as much effort as the original work.

Use these three ways that we’ve described below to create new pieces of content from old ones.

1. Re-promote

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In this graph, we’ve plotted out what the distribution momentum looks like with your normal promotion habits. You’ve probably created a piece of content, promoted it out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram over the course of a week. Then, you moved on to a new piece of content. Your first piece then loses steam and dies.

This is a recipe for burnout and although, you may be consistently posting new pieces of content, you might not be consistently promoting these pieces of content over a longer period of time. Your video content doesn’t expire like a piece of food or die after a week.

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Use this graph above for your strategy instead. With the inherent beauty of the internet, your content can live on for much longer than you think. If you continue promoting and distributing out your “older” pieces of content, you can tap into a wider audience and increase the overall engagement for your content.

A couple of months ago we explored the different creators featured in YouTube’s Rewind video. After looking at their channels and identifying their top videos based on views, we found many of the tops videos were posted during the first half of the year.

This helps tell us that videos will in fact accumulate more engagement over time with compounding effects, especially with added promotion.

Take a look at your own content. Did you upload and distribute out a video last month, 6 months, or year? And did this video get a fair amount of engagement? If the answer is yes to at least one of those questions, consider re-promoting that piece.

Try taking a past video and break it up into clips that you can post on Instagram. These can be teasers to get more people to watch, or you can use these clips as “Throwback Thursday” posts. Another option is to upload your video to Facebook. Facebook is prioritizing video even more now and they will be releasing mid-roll ads to help with their video monetization side.

2. Update the Content

At first glance, this may seem like more work. However, if you’ve done the original research, have a partnership with another creator set up, and/or received feedback from your subscribers on the video — you have everything you need to quickly create an update to that video.

Think about creating a sequel or host a live stream or chat with that creator you originally collaborate with. You have the baseline content there and it should be easy to create another piece off of that without adding in even more work that could have been there if you developed entirely new videos.

The comments and other interactions, will give you good insight into what your audience wants to learn more about. Take a look at the questions that they may have had in the comments. You can use these questions as fodder for the updated video you may create off of the old piece.

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Another part to updating the content is to revisit the title, tags, and description. Do some quick research on what your audience may be searching for and how it relates back to that piece of content. Can you update your title, tags, and description to get a boost in views from relevant keywords that you add in?

3. Create a Blog Post

If you’ve uploaded your content to YouTube, they provide a whole transcription of your video content. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up the exact words, but as transcription services go YouTube’s is pretty decent.

Use this transcript or get your video transcribed with a transcription service (We’ve used rev.com in the past). When you copy and paste the transcript from YouTube or get the transcript, you may need to reformat it and rephrase some sentences; however, a new piece of content is just about ready for you.

You can use this written piece in a variety of ways. For example, we transcribed the video testimonials from our creators and turned them into quotes that we can use across social media and on our blog posts. If this is a longer video, try turning the entire video into a blog post.

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Before, if you haven’t already, we recommend setting up a website to make it easy for brands or individuals to reach out to you and as an addition you should have a blog with your personal website. Once your blog post is ready, not only will you have a new piece of content to showcase, you’ll reap some SEO benefits and increase your entire web presence with a repurposed piece of content.

On the blog post you can include a link at the bottom encouraging you visitors to check out your YouTube page with the video that this blog post stemmed from. And don’t forget, after you’ve published the blog post, start promoting this new piece of content across your social channels.

Expand Your Brand

Repurposing content can not only save you time, but it can increase your overall web presence. We understand the hard work it takes to produce videos, but we don’t want you to stop there. Sharing your content and developing new pieces across multiple platforms expands your audience exponentially and connects you with paid opportunities that you wouldn’t have if you stayed on one channel.

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