Creator Conversations — Tal from The Traveling Clatt

By Sabel Harris

Head of Marketing | 02.21.2017

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As a creator, you don’t have what one would consider a “traditional” career. There is not a set company for you or a defined office space where you can brainstorm with other teammates and peers to solve different problems.

We’ve found that creators work best when they can collaborate and work with people in their space — just like anyone else in their career. When creators can collaborate, there are often many advantages like growing your audience or developing new ideas that you haven’t thought about. However, sometimes collaborating with other creators can be difficult because there aren’t those things in place like at a company with this defined environment.

We wanted to help solve that challenge with our new series — Creator Conversations. In these posts, we’ll feature individual creators who are producing great pieces of content to help bridge this collaboration gap and give you an inside look into how other people are working.

Without further ado, meet Tal our first creator we’re featuring in this series! Tal is the creator behind The Traveling Clatt. We first connected with him in a Facebook Group on a thread discussing how to grow your channel effectively and most recently, Tal held a Google Hangout with other creators to discuss how to build your YouTube channel. We are thrilled to talk with Tal because of his knowledge of the space and his willingness to help other creators.

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ICX Media: Hi Tal! Could you tell us more about The Traveling Clatt and the content you create?
Tal: I make travel based content in hopes to inspire people to see the world around them. Showing people how to travel for very cheap and the situations that occur when living a full time travel lifestyle. I try to add a bit of humor in my videos because I’m a pretty wacky guy and it is hard to stray away from that side of myself when filming.

IM: When did you start your channel?
T: I’ve had my channel since 2008, but I didn’t upload regularly until April of 2014.

IM: Uploading regularly and consistently is really important, especially in growing your channel. Why did you start your channel?
T: I started it mainly wanting to document my trip to Africa and it quickly turned into something way bigger than that. I found that many people have the desire to travel too, but did not know how or when to take the first step. My reason for starting The Traveling Clatt quickly shifted from a personal thing to a very open experience for all to join in on.

IM: We love that. It seems like many channels start from personal passions and trying to connect with other people who feel the same way. What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
T: I’ve learned that the world is not such a scary place like the media likes to portrays it. There are amazing people from every background and country and they are out there waiting to connect with us.

IM: It’s definitely a crazy time, but it’s important to stay grounded in positivity. What have some of your milestones been?
T: Sailing across the Atlantic on a container ship, visiting 20+ countries by the time I was 20, and walking across half of Israel.

IM: Those are some inspiring milestones and your container ship video is awesome. With those successes, how has your channel grown in the last year?
T: In the last year I’ve gained a little over 2000 new subscribers and my last month has actually be excellent. My channel grew by almost 600 new subscribers totaling in about 300,000 overall views on my channel.

IM: It sounds like you’ve made some moves in the growth area and you’ve hit goals many creators are trying to achieve. Besides growing your channel, what has been your favorite thing about being a creator?
T: Being able to connect with strangers who watch my videos all around the world. Hearing their stories and inspiring them to hit the road!

IM: What has been your favorite piece of content to create?
T: THIS IS AN AMAZING WAY TO TRAVEL — CARGO SHIP! This adventure definitely takes the cake. It’s a one of kind video on all of YouTube and it’s gaining loads of recognition for being such an awesome one!

IM: Yes, that is definitely a must-watch video — we love it! Is that your most successful video? If not, what has been your most successful piece of content?
T: A video I made about trying Israeli Candy. It was fun to make, but not exactly the type of video I’m the most proud of.

IM: Yeah, it’s weird how that works out that way, but it’s crucial that you’ve recognized that it’s your more successful piece. After you’ve created content though, how and where do you distribute and promote it out?
T: I distribute it on a range of different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and even Snapchat. It works by finding relevant hashtags, subreddits, facebook groups, etc. to promote and share your work.

IM: Using all of those channels to promote your videos is an important lesson for everyone and we love that you do that. What’s another piece of advice you’d give to creators just starting out?
T: JUST DO IT! Don’t be worried about how it looks or sounds in the beginning just start making content you enjoy creating.

IM: As a creator, what are your goals for the rest of 2017?
T: First, I want to and expand my brand beyond the branches of Youtube. Second, I want to grow my Youtube channel as efficiently as possible bringing in as many like minded individuals who enjoy what I do. Lastly, I’d like to find ways to be more productive and helpful when I am abroad ie. volunteering and such without it breaking the bank.

Thanks for talking with us Tal and we can’t wait to see the other content you created in 2017. Want to check out Tal’s channel and content — visit The Traveling Clatt here!

Do you know other creators that we should talk to or are you a creator that we should feature? Let us know on Twitter or shoot us an email. We’re excited to hear from you and stay tuned for the other creators we feature in these conversations!

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