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ICX Media is powering digital video through technology and data science. Founded by a senior team of digital media veterans, we provide creators with deep insights and understanding into how to more effectively manage, market, and monetize digital video content across multiple platforms through a single interface. ICX Media also provides media companies, brands, and studios with the ability to discover and license new video content fit for their audiences.

By understanding consumer behavior, social media platforms, and brands and agencies, we enable content creators to have the essential intelligence, analytics, and tools to grow their audiences and make more money. Our platform provides comprehensive insights into how videos are performing, wherever content is published, and the control to make quick decisions to improve content performance.

ICX Media’s platform is used by creators across the spectrum from professional producers and feature filmmakers to digital stars to emerging talent just starting out in the industry. Our tools can help any video creator be more effective, whether creating digital video content as a full-time job or simply a passion project.

For more information on ICX Media, contact us at info@icxmedia.com.