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Why you should become an ICX Media ambassador

Connect with other creators

Make money through the people you know

Help others build their digital content

There are billions of video creators across YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other digital platforms. With the surge of digital creators, the ICX Media platform was started to help empower individual creators like you to use data to become more effective, promote your content throughout all of your social channels, and to grow your audience.

From creators with over 1 million subscribers to ones that are just starting out, we are committed to bringing on a diverse set of ambassadors. We want to build long-term value and we hope you can spread the word about the platform that we built for creators like you.

Meet some of our Ambassadors

"Being an ambassador to ICX Media has truly opened my eyes to how creators and brands can work together. I never thought that I would be able to connect with companies and up and coming creators over a platform like this." ### Andy Lalwani

"I'm excited about being an ICX Media ambassador because I feel like social media is the best way to influence social change. Any voice can make a difference for the common good, and having the resources to help you is the best support system a creator can have." ### Stephanie Frosch


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