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Capture a greater share of your audience

ICX Media provides brands and agencies the capability to produce or procure high volumes of content efficiently, curate the right digital talent, streamline productions, and to drive positive-ROI decisions.

The video space is fast-growing and ICX Media helps you to break through the competitive noise and the overwhelming amount of data. Using our platform, you’ll be able to discover the right creators, produce and/or sponsor even more pieces of video content, and evaluate the performance of your video campaign on the fly to drive a positive ROI. We understand the importance of authenticity in content and our platform is designed to facilitate that connection.



Find and hire highly targeted creator talent

Our digital influencer registry — comprised of hundreds of thousands of creators — includes creator profiles, scoring and ratings, audience demographics, style, overall reach, and video asset details.

Sometimes the star with millions of subscribers doesn’t necessarily have the right audience for your campaign. Through our proprietary data science engine, VideoMatch™, we enable brands and agencies to save significant search costs to source the right talent with the right audience for their campaigns.



Feed the content demand of your consumers

The demand for more video content is doubling every year and hiring a production company is expensive. Using the ICX Media platform, you can manage a group of creators, produce quality pieces of content, promote the content across social channels, and offer transactional services.

From start to finish, our platform manages all of the production components while providing you with the predictive insights and recommendations you need to figure out what content you need to create next.



Predict and Analyze the Performance of your Content and ROI

ICX Media translates billions of rich data elements from the video ecosystem into targeted and actionable recommendations for companies.

We can inform brands and agencies which videos are resonating, how to maximize distribution channel engagement, and how to drive traffic to audiences with specific attributes. Brands and agencies can visualize the performance of the marketing campaigns from start to finish to help drive positive-ROI decisions.


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