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ICX Media enables creators and producers to focus on creating great videos for fans - and prospective fans!

ICX Media’s Creator solutions provide the insights and tools to develop videos that connect with audiences. Our proprietary platform streamlines decision-making with data-driven recommendations throughout the video production and distribution process:

Manage Videos Efficiently

Manage and distribute videos efficiently through a single platform view. Customize video messaging quickly across multiple channels, including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.


Market to Fans and Prospective Audiences Powerfully

Identify and connect with engaged fans and prospective audiences using ICX Media’s personalized analytics and recommendations.

Share and connect with followers in social media – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more – with targeted language and timing to drive more views.

Assess video performance metrics and compare to those of other Creators.


Monetize Videos with Amplified Reach and Sponsorship Opportunities

Optimize advertising revenue by reaching the right audiences at the right times.

Source paid opportunities for video content from brands, agencies, and media companies.


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