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Get ahead of the curve with smarter decisions on video

Too often, high-stakes projects are launched hoping that audiences will appear. Or, the same production process is repeated — year after year — because it worked once. Complicating matters, unprecedented consumer demand for original digital video content is requiring high-volume production at breakneck speed. You have produce-procure trade-offs to balance, coupled with challenging investment demands and talent needs during productions.

Our platform offers media companies a full-stack of tools to support critical production decisions, including: sourcing and licensing of high-quality digital creator talent (and their fans), analyzing audience profiles and preferences, and maximizing distribution profitability. You’ll meet the demands of consumers, while proactively feeding them the content they didn’t ask for, but want.



Identify the right creators

Currently, you have a few options: 1) outsourcing to an agency; 2.) hiring production in-house, or 3.) hiring an independent videographer. Too frequently, these options yield a mixed bag of results. ICX Media offers an alternative approach. We help you find a diverse — in geography, style, and audience — set of creators to produce high quality, mass-volume, and cost-efficient pieces of content.

Using ICX Media, you’ll be able to source and work with the right digital video creators out of the hundreds of thousands in our database through our proprietary data science engine, VideoMatch(™).



Scale User-Generated Content

With a few clicks, you will have access to millions of pieces of content produced by creators who captured the attention of your audience already. You can quickly identify what content you need and acquire it to put into your own production at scale.

We give you the amount of user-generated content you need and we provide you with the analytics and predictive insights to figure out what content you need to create or find next.



Assess the performance of investments with deep insights

Media companies will be able to contextualize internal performance metrics against comparable projects by other (unidentified) media companies. We provide you the rich data you need in order to inform production investments – including key insights such as audience receptivity, engagement, and monetization potential – as a decision-making tool, rather than an after-action review.

Review our platform’s algorithm-based recommendations that delineate specific steps to optimize marketing and distribution channel performance, leveraging machine learning data from previous productions across the platform. You’ll be able to quickly predict and determine if a production is giving you the ROI you need to achieve.


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