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ICX Media offers Media Companies unmatched support for complex video projects and vast film portfolios.

We help Media Companies navigate critical production and distribution decisions using personalized criteria, data-driven insights, and highly scalable tools.

Our platform maximizes video views and engagement and project profitability. Here’s how:

Source Talented Collaborators for Custom Productions

Identify and hire video creative talent for custom sponsored projects, using personalized criteria, including style, geographic, audience preferences. Our proprietary data science engine includes nearly one million of quality choices!


Procure High-Quality Video Content

Media Company clients may also access video content through the ICX Media platform, selecting from millions of pieces.


Assess and Benchmark Performance

Our platform is designed to offer data-driven intelligence to inform decision-making throughout the production process– not as an after-action review. Our clients can compare in-house performance metrics and benchmark by in-category media company projects.


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