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The video ecosystem no longer just encompasses traditional broadcast television and Hollywood blockbusters. It has evolved into a complex and diverse environment where video content can be created overnight reaching tens of millions of viewers. Consumers are viewing short and long-format digital video content through on-demand and subscription services, via social media channels, and through a wide range of devices.

This digital video evolution has fueled a robust consumer appetite for more content, coupled with a desire to avoid traditional advertising and marketing tactics. Businesses that create and sponsor digital video production are struggling to deliver high-quality content quickly and cost-effectively to meet consumer demand. There are fragmented solutions that solve one problem, but not the other slew of issues. Many players in this space are stuck with trying to insert a square peg into a round hole and can’t find the right platform to break through to the top — until now.

ICX Media is a video management and data analytics platform for media companies, brands, agencies, and creators. Our data science-based platform offers the tools you need into one place to get out ahead in this complex video economy.

Here is how ICX Media helps…
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    Youtubers, Independent Filmmakers, Video Artists
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    Companies, Organizations, Business, Marketing and Advertising Agencies
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    Studios, Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), Production Companies, Over-The-Top (OTT) Providers