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The history of ICX Media goes back quite some time. In the early days of the Internet, our Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Avon, came up with the idea of using data analytics, software and machine learning to help individual content creators better finance, produce, distribute and market their videos, music and written content on the Web. Unfortunately, the reality of the market and the state of technology at the time relegated the idea to a dream for the future. Thus, the original idea for ICX Media sat for nearly a decade and a half.

But by 2015, everything had changed.

The rise of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo and other video distribution channels had empowered a whole generation of video creators to produce and distribute content directly to their fans. Social Media and other digital marketing platforms helped some creators build audiences and actually make meaningful money from their content.

Media companies, brands, agents and others started to produce, license or sponsor digital video content that appealed more authentically to younger, more engaged audiences. And technology, data analytics and machine learning had progressed to the point that building the ICX Media platform was possible.

Co-founders Mike Avon, Joey McCord and Steve McCord, have spent their careers building communications and digital media technology and data platforms and businesses. All three had always wanted to be creators, whether video creators, musicians or writers, but recognizing their distinct lack of talent in those areas, all three chose careers as entrepreneurial executives in technology growth businesses.

After meeting as senior executives at Millennial Media, once the leading independent mobile advertising technology and data platform business (prior to its acquisition by Verizon/AOL), Mike, Steve and Joey decided that the time was right to build a technology business that truly empowered the digital creator. The three saw an opportunity to take what they had learned throughout their careers to help creators be more successful in distributing digital content, growing their audiences and ultimately making more money. Again, as creators themselves, the founders were voraciously focused on putting the independent creator first and ensuring they built a tech platform and suite of tools that would truly empower the creator. Knowing this is only one side of the market, the founding team also wanted to help brands and media companies more efficiently and effectively find, license, syndicate or sponsor content from the most relevant creators.

Our founding board members, Phil Herget and Tom MacIsaac, both have impressive careers as executives and investors in leading digital media, communications and data analytics companies. And both Phil and Tom had worked with the ICX Media team in the past, and together with Mike, Joey and Steve, they made the founding team a unique group of seasoned executives who had built large, successful technology businesses together before. And our incredible group of advisors and investors from traditional media, advertising, technology, data and digital content businesses, further helped us bring to market a truly different type of media company that we believe will lead to a revolution in how digital content is managed, marketed and monetized across the web, mobile and OTT.

With the release of our Version 1.0 ICX Media Platform for Creators, we have taken our first step in radically changing the digital video industry. We are excited to work with thousands of creators across the spectrum, from new, emerging digital creators, to established digital stars, to traditional producers and production companies moving into digital, as we empower them to be more successful in getting their incredible content in front of their followers and in front of new fans.

If you are a creator, brand or media company, interested in learning more about our platform, please click on the link below to learn more about what ICX Media can do for you. And if you are interested in joining our team, as we continue on our mission to empower creators and revolutionize digital media through technology and data science, click on the careers link below.

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