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Josh Leong

Vimeo, When Waters Rise
Washington, DC

Mike Smith

YouTube, Modern Man TV
Omaha, Nebraska

Marzy Hart

Vimeo, Pair of Normals
New York, New York


Vimeo, JAŠA
Brooklyn, New York

Jake List

YouTube, Vine
Louisville, Kentucky

Xiren Wang

New York, New York

“I am impressed with ICX Media. They have made my life a lot easier by giving me tools to make sharing my video content more efficient. Now I can spend more time creating and less time promoting. Thanks ICX!”

Alison Yates, Mary + Jane

“As an independent artist, every minute counts. I have just released my newest music video and single ‘Blind Ambition’ and need tools to help me understand who is watching and how to get more people to watch. I am currently using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter among other sites to grow my audience. ICX Media has the tools to help me get my video and message in front of my audience more efficiently and with deeper analytics.They have simplified the process and have given me a better understanding of my audience across all channels. Can’t wait to see what they do next!”

Sophia Bastian, Blind Ambition

“ICX Media has made it easy to launch my new Youtube channel and have a presence across social media even with a small team. The platform has been vital to our business.”

Olivia Barash, Barkville TV

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